Compounded with a high density of Euglena gracilis

4 capsules of Naturally Plus' PARAMYLON ARX contain a high concentration—590mg—of Euglena gracilis. In addition to having high absorbency, Euglena also contains a good balance of nutrients, as well as paramylon, which is easily discharged from the body. 

Strict Manufacture Procedure Ensures Your Everyday Health

As PARAMYLON ARX is a daily supplement, we insist on ensuring high safety standards in its production. Our ingredients are subject to strict inspections and our products are manufactured in compliance with the GMP for dietary supplements.

  • ※ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Standards for manufacturing and quality control

Subtractive Health Strategy

Our intestines are the gateway for the entry of nutrients that form the building blocks of our body. The intestinal environment plays a part in the maintenance of good health.

PARAMYLON ARX Product Guidebook